Porter Robinson


Branding, Packaging Design



Porter Robinson is an electronic music producer whose most recent album titled "Worlds" has received worldwide recognition for transcending the electronic music genre. Porter merges his older dub-electronic style with Japanese culture and sounds such as anime/manga, video games, bit tunes, and orchestral scores. The synthesizing of these sounds creates an unconventional and ethereal style of music and tone of voice that tells a narrative through the album's progression.

Porter Robinson's new signature style is expressed in a rebranding of his personal identity and album by merging Japanese and Western cultural ideologies. 


The Challenge

Porter's new identity consisted of a series of deliverables such as a new identity, brand application, album artwork, and promotional materials. The challenge was to tell the story of Worlds in a cohesive and relatable way for the target audience that combined a feeling of Japanese culture with a hint of whimsicality. The visual aesthetic of the brand needed to have a feeling of "organic geometry" that reflected the heavy electronic sounds mixed with organic melodies found in Porter's album.

The Approach

The paradox of "organic geometry" was accomplished through the creation of Japanese animated characters—implicitly geometric in visual appearance; however organic in personality. The idea that "our mind is a world and each of us is a place" was a visual construct within Porter's album. These animated characters were able to capture the essence of the Worlds album by conceptually representing walking worlds of their own. Showing the visual collision of these worlds was important as it symbolizes the merging of relationships between sounds, cultures, and the unspoken interaction between the artist and the listener.