Niklaus Troxler:
40 Years of Jazz


Exhibition Design
Art Direction



Co-curated with Stamps professor Franc Nunoo-Quarcoo, Niklaus Troxler: 40 Years of Jazz explores work by Swiss-born designer Niklaus Troxler, widely known for his founding of the annual Willisau Jazz Festival. His pioneering design pieces have been benchmarks in the field of graphic and poster design and are now in important museum collections such as the Museum of Modern Art New York. The exhibition spans two galleries, Slusser Gallery and Work Gallery in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The posters are comprised of thematic "islands" to illustrate Troxler's eclectic styles that are translated through the sounds of Jazz. 

Featured in: Design Week / Michigan Daily


The Approach

I worked closely with Troxler and the gallery team to create a cohesive narrative around the Jazz posters for a broad public audience. By capitalizing on the Slusser Gallery's unistrut grid, I could hang the posters to create viewing rooms. The expierience was designed to offer multiple touchpoints for the audience that act as extensions of Troxler's poster exhibition including a documentary film, Troxler's in-process work, and a slideshow of Troxler's work in context the environment. 


The Opening

Overall, the opening reception on January 15, 2016 was well received by the faculty, staff, and peers of the Ann Arbor community. Troxler gave a talk preceding the reception to give context to his posters within the exhibition as well as his graphic work beyond the jazz genre. In all of his efforts, Troxler’s work centers on the enrichment of the human experience and quality solutions to visual communication design. Troxler continually seeks to better the means of human communication by teaching and designing for the modern world.