Software Design, UI/UX



I spent 8 weeks in Austin, Texas at an internship program under IBM Design entitled Maelstrom. During my time, I had the privilege to work with 4 of 14 talented interns, over 20 sponser users and stakeholders in creating a product that would allow IBM Designers to share work across product teams in a safe space where they can observe their work in the context of the IBM Design Language, receive feedback from their peers, and track their design process at a variety of different fidelities.

Special thanks to my team: Adam Bujnowski (Design Research), Annabel Consilvio (Front-End Development), Deborah Lee (User Experience), Kay Maloney (Design Research)


The Challenge

Our project was handed off to us by a previous Maelstrom team (Winter 2016). Our task was to synthesize the research they had gathered and expand on it. Not only were we required to develop our own perspective on the project but we also needed to approach the project through a Make First approach. This meant that we needed a fully coded and functional research prototype within 5 weeks of the project. 


As the visual designer my role was to effectively apply our users' insights into the design of the product's visual components, user experiences, and style guides while adhering to IBM's Design Language and Accessibility guidelines. Along with visual design, I played a role in early-stage planning, user research, idea generation, wireframing, and prototyping. Using IBM Design Thinking, I helped shape the user's experience of the product.  


The Approach

We did some preliminary research to identify the key stakeholders and existing products/solutions. Then we rapidly ideated through sketching wireframes, developing personas, and forming user flows. We went from sketching wireframes into low-fidelity digital mockups and continued to increase the fidelity while getting more feedback from our sponser users. After numerous hours of research, user tests, and a beta launch we came up with IBM CoLab.