Hive & Ahex


Branding, Web Design



Hive is a company dedicated to the advancement of human health and well-being through technology. Their product, an app called Ahex (acronym for Active Healthy Exchange), helps promote better health outcomes through the use of mobile data and behavioral analysis. Ahex serves as a guide and a health database— gauging the user's behavioral patterns to find beneficial health adjustments for day-to-day routines. 

Hive and Ahex are built to be a completely unified and adaptable brand identity through the interchangeability of the "+" and "x". The overall brand aims to spread positivity and friendliness to health challenges which may prove daunting.


The Challenge

Health is a deeply personal state of being that varies from individual. Although health can be scary to confront, Hive aims to ease this process by connecting individuals with their current health conditions through technology. The challange was to create an identity that elevates Hive from the other technology driven health companies and to design a mark that connects the company to their product, Ahex.   

The Approach

The brand system needed to have a strong set of elements that allowed for flexibility in application and simplicity in understanding. The end result was a mark that could adapt between the parent brand and it's multiple app products. Through the use of motion, the mark can transform from a symbol of health to a guiding compass toward a healthier future.