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B. Creative is a professional video production company based in Grand Rapids, MI. The company began by initially shooting wedding highlight reels; however, as the company grew, they began to take on videos beyond weddings and into the realm of conceptual and commercial footage. With a bigger framework in mind and seeking expansion, B. Creative strived to build a bigger and bolder brand framework. The company adopted a parent brand called B. Creative and two sibling brands—Bradley Productions (wedding/lifestyle) and Voyage Pictures (commerical). I worked closely with B. Creative's content strategy team to create new logos around a larger brand experience that better communicates to a broader target audience.


The Challenge

It was essential that the three brands co-existed together in harmony; however, each brand also needed to have their own individual personality and character. Each brand needed individual care of visual identity to ensure that they scale across mediums and co-brand well. All-in-all the brand experience needed to be clean, honest, and professional with a hint of whimsicality.

The Approach

The new marks capture the voices and styles of their respective brands while remaining unified through the use of typeface and letterforms. Using lowercase letterforms was most fitting for the whimsical personalities of B. Creative and Bradley Productions while a bolder color palette and type treatment played a better role for Voyage Pictures. The new visual identities are evocative, real, and clear while still capturing the overall brand's voice and devotion to the success of their clients.